Biden Speaks With Zelensky Over A Phone Call To Discuss The Recent US Assistance To Them For Air Defence

Volodymyr Zelensky

Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine has spoke with Joe Biden, the president of USA over a phone call according to source. As of now, we know that they have discussed the promised US support to Ukraine to strengthen their air defenses.

As per the sources Zelensky has thanked the American president for his security assistance of two seventy-five million dollars assurance. This has been announced last Friday by the Pentagon. The Ukrainian president has also thanked the US for their unprecedented, wider range of support to protect the sovereignty of the country as they are facing constant war threats from an aggressive Russia in the north.

As we know, the package last announced from the USA hq the previous week to help Ukraine in this war is full of promises for the Ukrainian presidency, as Zelensky will get artillery rounds, weapons and other equipment that will surely boost the air defense of Ukraine.

Zelensky And Biden Has Spoke Over The Phone: Here Is All We Know So Far:

In a statement, the White House has said that the United States will be committed to provide Ukraine with all kinds of economic security and assistance of forces and they will continue to hold the Rus accountable for all these atrocities in Ukraine.

Zelensky, the Ukrainian president has said that this assistance from USA has helped them majorly to maintain Ukraine’s economy as well as to help them succeed in the battlefield.

He thanked the US for funding help exclusively for the repair of Ukraine’s power systems while explaining that “Russian ballistic terror” had caused the annihilation of nearly half of that country’s power infrastructure.

In a communique from the White House, Joe Biden also brought up the $53 mn package that was released late previous month to strengthen Ukraine’s electrical grid as it endures a barrage of Russian strikes.

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