Rudy Giuliani’s Property Raided By The Feds

Lev Parnas
Lev Parnas

The office and home of Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of the city of New York, was raided by the federal agents. All the cellphones and computers that were encountered by the agency got seized. This took place this Wednesday. The investigation comes following the escalation in the investigation of the department of justice of the country. It is looking into the business dealings of the personal lawyer of Donald Trump, the former President of the country.

Is Rudy Giuliani Guilty?

The 76-year-old Giuliani was once a prominent leader known across the country. This was during the time of the unfortunate incident of 9/11. He was highlighted for his leadership qualities. However, the former mayor is now under the scrutiny of the federal due to his ties with Ukraine. A strong signal was emitted by the searches that took place. It points towards the possibility that Rudy Giuliani might be facing federal charges very soon. 

The federal agents raided the Park Avenue office and the Madison Avenue apartment of the former New York mayor. This detail was disclosed by those who were quite familiar with the ongoing investigation. It is to be noted that the warrant to raid has to be approved by the top officers of the department of justice. What this signifies is the fact that the prosecutors are of the view that Rudy Giuliani did commit some kind of a federal crime. Until now, there has been no strong evidence to back the case.

Things are unclear when it comes to the full scope of the investigation. However, what is known until now is the fact that it involves the dealings of Rudy Giuliani in some way or the other, in Ukraine. The ones who worked on the searches did not give out enough information. Everybody is clueless about the developments that were reached after Wednesday’s raid.