Bill Cassidy Criticizes Chuck Schumer Heavily For Proceeding With Incomplete Bill

bill cassidy
bill cassidy

Bill Cassidy heavily criticized the actions of Chuck Schumer. He termed Schumer’s actions on the Bipartisan bill as “rushed”. He further expressed his dissatisfaction towards the hurriedness with which the situation was being dealt. 

Bill Cassidy Unhappy With The Bipartisan Bill Development

Meanwhile, the proposal of funding the bill by the IRS was scrapped off. The provision of $1trillion to fund the infrastructure structure bill was not approved. Lawmakers stated that it would give an unnecessary sneak-peek into personal information. 

When asked about the voting on the said issue, Bill Cassidy clearly expressed his frustration. He started there was no question of voting. The bill in question was not even completed. Cassidy stated that such hurriedness towards the bill will only make the bill fail. He advised the Senators to give the infrastructure bill more time. 

The government of Joe Biden is eyeing an alternative bill. They are structuring a provision of $3.5trillion. Cassidy stressed the fact that they need to work together. He said that the competition with the Democrats will not be an easy one. He further stated that the bill was still incomplete. Some areas needed to be addressed with patience. 

Bill Cassidy ensured the fact that the bill would be ready within Wednesday. But it needed proper help and backing from everyone. He asked for the cooperation of Schumer & the White House. Cassidy said the bill would benefit Americans. He clarified that the bill was bipartisan & would serve the purpose of the states.

Recently, the Infrastructure bill faced another setback. The bill originally had provisions for being enforced by the tax agency, the IRS. But it has since been deemed impossible to retain after the tax body said the calculations are far too incorrect.