John Legend Saying He Has Lost Contacts With Kanye West: He Condemned Rapper’s Anti-Semitic Comments

John Legend

According to John Legend, Kanye West has changed, and several people like him who though they knew Kanye are concerned about the current state and statements from the rapper. John Legend shared his thoughts about Kanye West on the podcast with Kara Swisher.

Following Kanye West’s recent round of anti-Semitic remarks, Legend is talking openly about his friendship with Kanye West.

Legend pondered on the Kanye West he previously knew throughout a Thursday visit on the podcast of Kara Swisher from NY Magazine. He also discussed whether he believes he deserves another opportunity.

Legend, 43 himself on the podcast said that he find Kanye West changed than how he was in the past. According to Legend Kanye West has changed since they worked together on their album. John Legend said that he never saw any clues of this type of behavior from Kanye’s side. John Legend said probably the demise of Kanye’s mother had something to do with it.

John Legend Said That Kanye West Has Changed A Lot:

Legend said that he does not want to act like a borderline armchair psychologist or something, but Kanye has changed and many of them who knew him over the years have become very concerned about his situation.

Later, the presenter questioned whether John Legend remained in contact with the hip-hop artist of “Flashing Lights” & if he was attempting to assist him.

Legend said that he has completely lost touch with the rapper and they have not talked in a while. Therefore, he is not doing anything currently. However, John Legend said that he know people are concerned about him.

As per NBC News & CNN, Insta blocked his profile and removed items from his profile after he posted the anti-Semitic sentiments, while a Meta representative declined to acknowledge to either source what content was in violation of their policies.

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