Bill Hagerty Says Border Trip Of Harris Is Not A Sign To Be Taken Lightly!

Bill Hagerty
Bill Hagerty

Sen. Bill Hagerty thinks that the backlash received from the opinions of the public is forcing the Biden administration to act. He has criticized Harris because she has waited almost a hundred days before visiting the border. Bill Hagerty, Senator, R-Tenn, added that Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States, was waiting for a long time to visit Texas. This is a hint that the administration of Biden is managing to react to all the backlashes it received due to public opinion. 

Bill Hagerty Thinks Public Opinion Has A Lot Of Roles To Play!

Public opinion was due to the handling of this crisis by the administration. Recently President Biden was accused that his government is incorporating a strategy called “window dressing”. This strategy is all about accelerating illegal immigrants and letting them into the land of the United States. On Friday, Fox News received words from Bill Hagerty. He also added that while this administration of Joe Biden has a lot of tendencies like a left-wing party, they are allowing this party to pull this administration in a left-wing and violent direction. 

Harris and Bill Hagerty exchanged words in Texas’ El Paso. They met nearly a hundred days after tackling the primary causes due to which the crisis in the land of Central America was happening. Central America’s top crises ate climate change, violence, and poverty. Previously she has visited both Mexico and Guatemala as significant parts of their effort. Kamala Harris unveiled a new round of measures while meeting with leaders regarding tackling their primary causes. Bill Hagerty also added that Kamala Harris has also talked about the extreme amount of progress that is being made by the Biden administration.