Black Shark 3S to arrive on July 31 alongside a Tencent version

qualcomm snapdragon
qualcomm snapdragon

With Qualcomm unveiling the Snapdragon 865+ chipset, smartphone companies have bundled each other into a race to see who would bring out the latest updates first. As Samsung, Lenovo, and Asus have already launched their new phones with these specs, we are expecting the others to follow soon.

Black Shark recently uploaded a very cryptic message on Weibo, from a device called the Black Shark 3S. This cell phone now has a launch date- 31st July. Incidentally, this cell phone is also going to have a Tencent version, one of which will be given to a Weibo user.

This phone will definitely have the new chipset, and it might also contain a higher refresh rate- 90 Hz is what Black Shark 3 Pro has compared to the market at 144 Hz. The basic design of the Black Shark 3S will probably be the same as the previous models, with triangles at the back and physical trigger keys. The charging point has always been in the range of 65W, but now it can reach higher, as Xiaomi has paved that way- close to 120W.


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