Black Widow Reviewed As The Best Female Standalone MCU Yet

Black Widow
Black Widow

Black Widow, the most recent movie by the MCU franchise, is quite different from the rest of the Avengers movies when it comes to the plot. Everybody is aware of the fact that the rest of the Avengers movies have the kind of a story where the heroes find each other and develop a familial relationship. After that, they go on to save the world against the evils after having formed a healthy alliance. But this Scarlett Johansson starring movie has a messed-up family. Their journey that ends in forming an alliance is pretty much messed up. The characters in the 2021 MCU movie, Black Widow, go through a number of betrayals and deceptions before they rediscover trust in one another.

Black Widow Alone Is Understandable

This is one of the most awaited movies of all time as there has been no exclusive movie based on the character of Black Widow alone, as opposed to the other Avengers. The director of the movie is Cate Shortland. The movie has so many elements like humor, emotional interludes that are understated as well as propulsive excitement. It is based on the life of Natasha Romanoff. The movie is also a shift from the regular superhero hero template and can be considered as one of the best female-driven movies created by the MCU franchise. It is much better than Captain Marvel.

The scriptwriter of Black Widow is not new to the world of superheroes of the MCU. It is Eric Pearson, the one who worked in Thor Ragnarok as well. The plot of the Scarlett Johansson movie belongs somewhere between the world of “Captain America: Civil War” and the “Infinity War.” However, what is fascinating about the movie is that one does not have to be a viewer of all the chronological Marvel movies in order to understand the 2021 Black Widow. One can easily grasp interest without any such knowledge.  

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