Marilyn Manson The Flag Bearer Of ‘Wrongdoings’

Marilyn Manson

He wronged so many people to a certain level, they were afraid to speak up. Even Marilyn Manson threatened his fans to kill if they ever tried to talk about it or go to the police. He didn’t spare some famous actress, who got involved with him. Many have regained the courage to speak up and file a lawsuit against him. Seems like sexually assaulting women and doing drugs were the only thing he could think of.

Preying On Young Girls Is A ‘Thing’ For Marilyn Manson

Most of Marilyn Manson’s victims are young women, who were his fans. However, he didn’t spare beautiful actresses. An old victim named Jane Doe picked up the courage and came forward to file a lawsuit. She has shared her part of the story of how she has been raped year after year. And were forced to keep their mouth shut during that period. Later she was introduced to rather illegal drugs and alcohol.

In 2021 Esme Bianco filed a lawsuit against Marilyn Manson, which later came to a settlement after a discussion with Brian Warner. Hence proven fame cannot buy a mindset, if you are ugly inside, you are ugly outside. Marilyn Manson even threatened to harm Evan Rachel’s career if she speaks about all the things he has done to him.

Marilyn Manson is not alone in this foul play but his band member Brian Warner has gone crazy and ran after Bianco with an axe. That happened during their intimate moment. Harmed her in every way, she has cuts on her body and He took photos of her and posted them online. In his defense, he was under the influence of drugs. There are still countless survivors of Marilyn Manson, no matter how many women have taken the courage to be vocal about their traumas. However, all these allegations have been denied by his lawyer. The show is on.