Brisbane To Host The 2032 Olympics!


On Wednesday, Brisbane was selected by the IOC to host the 2032 Olympics. The Games are supposed to be held in Australia every 32 years. The last Olympics held in Australia was the popular Sydney Olympics of 2000. Melbourne hosted the 1956 Olympics. 

Brisbane Sky Gets Filled Up With Fireworks Following The Announcement By IOC!

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister, told the members of the IOC in his live video of 11 minutes that there will be successful games in the Olympics of 2032 in Australia. After the confirmation of the award, Brisbane won the vote by a margin of 72-5. Morrison was seen giving thumbs up while raising both his arms above his head. After the victory, the sky of Brisbane was filled with fireworks.

The display was broadcasted to the members of the IOC in their 5-star hotel located in the beautiful city of Tokyo. The host of the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles. Brisbane is getting nearly 11 years to make the necessary preparations required to host the Olympics of 2032. The 2024 Olympics will be hosted by Paris. 

The deal of 2032 appeared to be done several months before this formal decision was taken at the meeting of the IOC. The meeting was held hours before the opening ceremony related to the Tokyo Games on Friday. In February, exclusive rights of negotiating were offered by the IOC to the 2032 Olympics host. That decision made the officials in Germany, Hungary, and Qatar look blindsided.

The voters of the Olympics got wooed by Adrian Schrinner, Mayor, Brisbane, Annastacia Palaszczuk, Premier, Queensland, and Richard Colbeck, the sports minister, the federal government, Australia. The 1st format that was created had cutting down on campaign costs as its main priority. That indirectly gave the IOC, the control and power to deal discreetly with candidates. It also avoided the risk of buying votes.