Byron Buxton Completes 8-5 Triple Play

Byron Buxton

The SABR database tracks every triple play going back to 1876. Byron Buxton monitored down a deep wild pitch at the right-center field wall on the chase and decided to throw it into the infield. In addition, the accomplishment gave the Twins their 16th triple play in team history. It was also the second two-player triple play, following a 2-6 triple play that happened on July 25, 1976, also against the White Sox.

Byron Buxton Was In Disbelief 

White Sox left fielder AJ Pollock smashed a fly ball to right-center off Twins relief pitcher Griffin Jax with the bases loaded and runners in scoring position, Adam Engel on second and Yoán Moncada on first. Buxton ran 87 feet to make a difficult running grab on a ball with a predicted batting average of.820, according to Statcast, right in front of the outfield wall.

Right fielder Max Kepler continued shouting “wall” as he and Byron Buxton approached each other in the gap, and importantly, Buxton temporarily took his eyes off the ball to judge his distance from the wall before glancing back up to track the ball into his glove.

That is something that Buxton might not have experienced earlier in his professional life. Byron Buxton has recently, though, made it a point to aim for the wall on such plays, prioritizing self-preservation, maybe in part as a result of the influence of Carlos Correa and other teammates.

It performed flawlessly. Byron Buxton caught the ball a few feet away from the wall, timed his slowing, and then leaned two hands against the wall. It was crucial in extending the game into extra innings, which led to Minnesota’s final triumph.