Aaron Judge And Anthony Rizzo Will Now Sit Out Due To Injuries

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo, two of the Yankees’ most potent hitters, were scratched from the starting lineup for Thursday night’s game against the Red Sox at Fenway Park.

Boone originally said that Aaron Judge had been experiencing soreness in his lower body before identifying Judge’s calves as the problem area. Boone remarked, “Just his calves, and he becomes a bit heavy and tight more than anything.” Simply something I do not want to bother with, especially given where we are in the season and what I do not want to turn into a problem. Boone predicted that Judge would be able to play on Friday. 

Aaron Judge And Anthony Rizzo Will Not Play Against The Red Sox

Aaron Judge had just.186 batting average over his previous 12 games, but he got three hits in Wednesday‘s 16-0 victory over the Pirates. Boone continued, saying that one of the Yankees’ worries was that because of Wednesday night’s delayed end, they did not get to Boston until early on Thursday morning. Before the game, Judge was unavailable for comment. Rizzo said that he has been struggling with back spasms, which typically occur once every season and frequently require six to eight days of therapy to resolve.

Given that it is still just early July and the Yankees are so far ahead in the American League East, he claimed he would be able to play if Thursday’s game were a playoff matchup, but he did not want to push it. Rizzo responded that the agony “simply grips on you” when asked to describe it. You attempt to arrange yourself such that it may quiet down. “I am an emergency player right now,” he continued. I do not believe Rizzo pushing it would be wise in the long run given the situation we are in.