Cam Akers Ruptures His Achilles And Will Miss The Upcoming Season

cam akers
cam akers

Cam Akers, running back, has torn his Achilles while training and will miss the upcoming season. Akers went through further testing to make sure that his Achilles was torn.

Los Angeles Rams announced this injury on Tuesday but failed to inform about the timeline for which Akers would be out.

Cam Akers Role In The Los Angeles Rams

Cam Akers was the pivot in Ram’s game in 2020 where he ran for 113.1 yards over the last seven games in an average from scrimmage. Sean McVay, who is the coach for the Rams feels bad for such a mishap and believes that Akers is working hard and trying to do everything right.

The Rams are planning to look into their depth for a replacement. Darrell Henderson, Xavier Jones, Jake Funk, Otis Anderson, and Raymond Calais are some of the names who will be returning to the training camp.

McVay was interested n the new generation of running backs but was also looking for a veteran for the same position as Cam Akers. Some of the veterans who are free agents right now are Le’Veon Bell, Adrian Peterson, Devonta Freeman, LeSean McCoy, and Todd Gurley.

Cam was the leading rusher for the Rams covering 625 yards and scored 2 touchdowns out of 145 carries. 

Cam Akers was very thankful for everyone who sent prayers and wishes when he was injured. He hates the fact that he will be missing the Season but believes that God has made no mistake. He feels that he is in a high spirit and that he will be back in a short period. Akers had suffered an injury to his rib due to an awkward fall and had to spend two games on the sidelines. He also kept pushing through an ankle sprain which was confirmed in the latter part of the season.