Harry Styles Both Delights And Intrigues Fans With His Hairstyle

Harry Styles

Harry Styles appears to have both devastated and delighted his numerous followers with his close-cropped hair. Though he is not the first A-lister to split opinions so dramatically over a shaved pate, his move has created a frenzy of opinion at both ends of the spectrum among fans. There have also been earlier instances when opinions have so dramatically split fans of an actor. The former singer of One Direction was unrecognizable after he dropped his famous locks at U2’s show in Las Vegas this weekend.

Pics of Harry Styles emerged on Twitter even as fans rushed to express X (formerly Twitter) to express their opinions about the haircut which ranged from ‘cute’ to ‘unhinged’. Followers even compared it with the move by Britney Spears to drop her hair before the paparazzi nearly 15 years ago. One fan said that he was hurt emotionally, physically, and mentally at the surfeit of pictures being posted of a buzz-cut Harry Styles.

Before Harry Styles, Other Celebrities Have Gone Hairless And Have Pulled It Off

There have been instances when the risk has paid off. One notable instance is Jake Gyllenhaal when he sent social media into a frenzy in 2012 when he went clean for the movie End of Watch. A decade fans still seem to want more of Gyllenhaal’s shaven pate. Another amazing transformation was Jason Statham after he embraced the clean look. Fans have completely taken to his hairless looks and were a little lost when he had his hair on for a movie in 2005.

Harry Styles has transformed his hair several times, including the time he had shoulder-length strands in 2015. But his coiffed textured and wavy stresses have become his trademark look over the past years. This hairstyle persisted during the Love on Tour series. Harry Styles’ hairstylist said that she always takes into account several factors that will allow his hair to seem shiny and natural on stage.