Kirk Franklin’s A Gospel Christmas Has The Right Sugar For The Holidays

Kirk Franklin
Kirk Franklin

Lifetime recently came out with a new romance for Christmas, and Kirk Franklin’s A Gospel Christmas has been declared as a sweet little watch. This is the latest addition to the movie collection over the holidays by the channel and, as the name suggests, takes one on a musical ride. The movie from Lifetime, which has been brought to us by the eponymous gospel singer, does promise an entire musical treat with a singing pastor, a choir, and a lot more to come for those who haven’t yet watched it. 

Enjoy the musical journey of Kirk Franklin’s A Gospel Christmas

Kirk Franklin’s A Gospel Christmas follows the journey of Olivia, who serves as a young assistant pastor and has been thrown into the deep end as a lead pastor. While things are naturally quite messy for the young pastor, it is time for her to rise up to the obstacles and organize a successful Winter Jamboree for the new church. The movie kicks off with Olivia, played by Demetria McKinney, an assistant pastor who has been asked to take over the position of the lead pastor by her mother after the lead pastor passes away. 

Kirk Franklin’s A Gospel Christmas is definitely going to get you into swaying with the movie being about gospel singing. It can also be understood that music plays a big role in the movie, with most of the characters bursting into songs at appropriate moments. Demetria McKinney’s acting chops are put on display along with her vocals- which have been considered to be excellent- something we discover as she sings to herself. 

The musical also rightfully features a cameo appearance by Grammy Award-winning Gospel Singer Kirk Franklin, who comes in for a fun little addition. The movie is currently available on the Lifetime Channel. 

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