Carlos Correa Introduction By The Giants Has Been Postpones For Medical Reasons

Carlos Correa

The San Francisco team has just recently signed Carlos Correa, however, the Giants have postponed his introduction for strictly medical reasons.

Sources while talking to The Associated Press have said that the Giants are not satisfied with the medical condition the player is currently in. This according to them is the reason why they haven’t yet announced the player in front of the fans despite signing him on a long term three-fifty million dollars contract.

One person has already confirmed that the conference held for Carlos Correa on Tuesday has currently been put on hold as both the sides are waiting for the results of the medical checkup of the player. The player has been injured only seven times so far in his whole career of eight-years so far.

The press conference for the player was set at the Oracle Park at 11 in the Tuesday morning. However, the conference was cancelled then, only three hours before 11:00AM. However, the San Francisco Giants have denied to give any explanation for their actions.

Carlos Correa Will Be Introduced In Front Of The Press As A San Francisco Giants Player Later:

Correa has been selected the Rookie of the year in 2015. He has delivered a average of .279 in his career with 155 homeruns and 553 RBIs in their 8 league seasons. He has also been an amazing player in the postseason where he has scored 18 homeruns in 79 games.

Durability is really Carlos Correa’s only drawback. He has only ever played a minimum of one-fifty games during a season due to a variety of ailments.

Following his release from the Astros, Correa, 28, became a free player and signed a $105.3 mn contract with Minnesota Twins. The 2-time All-Star was granted the choice of opting out of that pact after a year and $35.1 mn in order to reenter the market. He canceled his contract and re-entered the free agency pool.