Former FBI Agent Charles F. McGonigal Betrayed His Motherland

Charles F. McGonigal

Money can make you blind, until now it was just a phrase. Hence Charles F. McGonigal proved it. After retiring from the FBI in 2018, he has been earning some extra cash. And that is too huge in numbers. He didn’t bother about the brand and the trusted space he worked for, and all the name and respect went down the drain. He has brought damage to the country which is beyond repair. His former colleagues started to hate him.

Charles F. McGonigal Sold His Country For Money

His colleagues say Charles F. McGonigal was one of those people in the FBI, who turned every complicated case into an exciting, fun, and easy one. Charles F. McGonigal is one of the counterintelligence who had access to some sensitive information in the FBI’s possession. He has risked all of those and jeopardized everyone’s safety on board. Charles F. McGonigal has been involved with some high-profile cases including Hilary Clinton, and associates of Donald Trump.

Charles F. McGonigal has been given access to some crucial information to Russians and Albanians and earned some extra cash. Everyone is mocking that he might have needed those for gambling after retirement. And people who have worked with Charles F. McGonigal said all these came as a shock, someone so intelligent and trustworthy could do so. And his betrayal pissed off everyone, and after getting to know about the charges pressed against him, they said it was horrifying.

Sold his integrity, name, and respect just for some cash, and that too to the Russians. Who is fighting with America because of its involvement with Ukraine? McGonigal was the rockstar of the FBI, and everything went down the drain. Another agent told the report this is an absolute embarrassment. And government officials are actually worried that sensitive information regarding Trump and Hilary Clinton’s case if it already reached the wrong hand.