Barack Obama Has His Own Set Of Nicknames For Donald Trump

Barack Obama
Barack Obama

Up until the term of Donald Trump’s presidency, the former President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, his predecessor, followed the required rule. According to the rule, no former Presidents are allowed to criticize their successors publicly. It has been reported that Obama was much more candid about his views with regard to Trump, “behind the scenes.” 

Barack Obama’s “Sexist Pig”

A new book called the “Battle for the Soul” gives out a few epithets that the former Democratic President preferred to use rather than “Donald Trump.” The terms include “sexist pig,” “a corrupt motherfucker,” “that fucking lunatic” and “a madman.” the author of the book is Edward-Isaac Dovere. He is one of the Atlantic’s staff writers. The book is scheduled to be published in the coming week. The book includes a series of interesting revelations about Barack Obama and Jill Biden, the current first lady of the country.

Jill Biden is said to have passed comment on Kamala Harris, the acting Vice-President, following the debate that took place between her and President Joe Biden. As far as the monologue of the first lady is concerned, which was not a part of the debate, she told that the vice president should “go fuck herself.”

Following the release of the book, there is no doubt that the names given to Trump By Barack Obama will activate the wrath of the 45th US President, who still has an influence over the Republican party. Trump’s lack of love for his predecessor is something even the non-politically inclined ones are well aware of. The hatred got its official status after he claimed that Barack Obama failed to meet the President’s requirements due to the conspiracy of “racist birther.”