China Marking Its Territory Against Taiwan


China strikes 43 warplanes near the Taiwan territory in the last 24 hours. Taiwan has been pressurized by China, in recent years to accept the Beijing rule, which the island has clearly refused to do so. The island of 24 million strength has refused to give in to the communist party and is consistent with the democratic party. And china believes that Taiwan has been totally supported by the USA.

Did The USA Somehow Cause The Air Strikes To Happen Over Taiwan Territory?

Tension around the Taiwan territory has been bottling up for the past few years. And in august US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the island, made it more sensitive to China. That caused the exercise of military air jets to whirl around over Taiwan.

These continuous airstrikes over international water currently separate the two countries. Beijing has started aggressive military exercises over the island nation, causing other countries to pick sides. In this case, china has slimmer chances of getting support from major countries like the USA, after covid 19, china has lost huge support from all over the world.

And with USA house speaker’s visit may have provoked the China government to strike hard this time. And USA president Joe Biden established a new bill that would define modernize the island nation’s situation to determine the Chinese aggression. 

The defense ministry of Taiwan has made a statement of how china is irrelevant to solve differences with air strikes and choosing the path of violence, which is disrupting both countries’ peace.

And the USA has been helping the island nation to create a safe, stable, and free space among the countries and over the indo-pacific region. However, if it senses a neighboring country gearing up for strikes they are preparing itself to strike back.