Justin Bieber Initiates New Venture

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is one of the most decorated artists of modern times. He started singing at a very young age. Bieber immediately became a sensation due to his impeccable talent. He gathered a lot of money and immediately became a millionaire. 

Justin is considered as a youth icon and has a large number of followers across the world. In order to make use of his fan base, he has launched a brand new venture. The latest venture will mark his entry into the cannabis market of America. Let us find out more details about the venture below. 

Justin Bieber To Sell Readymade Joints

The superstar has marked his entry into the American cannabis market. His latest business initiative saw him collaborating with a company to sell joints. As per the sources, these joints will be ready-made. It will come already rolled in the pack. This will save the time of the consumer to prepare the same. Bieber has given a very unique name to the initiative. The readymade joints will be termed as “Peaches”. 

Palms Premium is a company that focuses on the preparation of recreational commodities. It is based in Los Angeles. The company has proudly announced itself as a partner to the initiative of Justin Bieber. However, the singer has said on Instagram that the product will be available in selected cities. 

The latest products from Justin Bieber can be purchased in Nevada, California, Florida, and Massachusetts. The company sells its pack of joints across Nevada & California. A pack of seven ready-made joints has a price tag of $32. Bieber stated that he was a Palms fan and was honored to join hands with them. However, no details regarding the monetary terms have been provided by either party.