Did Woody Harrelson Find His Half Brother?

woody harrelson

The troubling conversation might have found its way to plausible confusion in Woody Harrelson’s life.  However, the shocking truth might disrupt families on both sides. Harrelson might have less skin in this whole game, according to Matthew McConaughey. When Woody was little  “ma McConaughey ” casually told him how she knew his father. His biological father. Little Woody sensed there is something more to ‘knew his father ‘ perhaps. Woody and Matthew McConaughey have been friends for many years and they share a great bond. This revelation could be shocking on Mathhew’s part as well. Things aren’t as easy as it seems.

Woody Harrelson’s Disclosing The Truth Won’t Be Comfortable To Many

Woody Harrelson is perhaps on a journey to unveil an uncomfortable truth. He is on a mission to join the dots and reveal the mystery. His possible half-brother Matthew McConaughey is not feeling the same. He is not scared, but rather shocked and uncomfortable to join the dots. He has said Woody Harrelson has less skin in this revealing game. He got more. Woody Harrelson is excited and perhaps behaving naively on this particular occasion. Matthew McConaughey is not ready to accept everything just now.

He has replied to Woody’s statement that in return he would be getting a brother and a father. McConaughey is still processing the whole half-brother thing. Where is learning things while he moves forward and is not comfortable going to the bottom of the truth? After calling and knowing someone as his ‘father’ he would not be able to brush it off so easily.

His whole existence is at stake, and Woody Harrelson is excited to gain a brother.

Both Woody and Matthew McConaughey starred in the show “True Detective”.

One of them is not ready to take a DNA test right away. Harrelson might have to wait a little longer.