Jon Ossoff’s Perspective On The Shift Of The Major League Baseball

Jon Ossoff
Jon Ossoff

Jon Ossoff, the Senator based in Georgia, gave a statement with regard to the shift of the All-Star of the Major League Baseball from the state of Georgia. This is being done as a protest to the newly introduced voting law of the state, which is a divisive one.

Jon Ossoff Justifies His View

The stance of John Ossoff is contradictory to that of Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America. The Democratic president gave a statement with regard to the issue to a new channel. It was stated that he fully supported the baseball players. This was with regard to their decision of moving the game from the “Truist” park of Atlanta to some other state. The move originates as a condemnation of the law that is introduced in Georgia by Brian Kemp, the state governor. The legal decision was made last week.

Senator Jon Ossoff gave a statement referring to the ongoing issue. It was stated that he is totally against any action that boycotts or rejects the state of Georgia. It was further added that the state is ready to welcome all economic representatives including jobs, business, events, and opportunities. He also mentioned the fact that a major portion of economic growth was responsible for political influence.

The 34-year-old senator further added that he too was not very happy with the newly introduced bill of voter suppression. He added that the corporations who despise the newly introduced bill of voter suppression, should not let the Republican party of the state earn any money. The reason behind this was because they were exploiting the power by coming in the way of the citizens of the United States of America and their right to vote.