Manchester City Completely Controls Premier League

Manchester City
Manchester City

On Sunday, Manchester City demonstrated why they are the top team to win the PL title and also why they may not. In Sunday’s match, Manchester City played against Leicester City at the Etihad Stadium

Manchester City vs Leicester City

Manager Josep Guardiola’s team spent all their saved Christmas energy to hit 4 goals in the first half. They could have had 8 goals if not for two near-misses and two brilliant saves.

The streak ended when Leicester City found their rhythm and scored three goals in under 10 minutes. They almost evened the score with 4-3. Manchester City fans were biting nails and some even remembered the 4-4 tie between Arsenal and Newcastle nearly a decade ago. Man City scored two more goals and made it 6-3. Manager Josep Guardiola was a tad bit disappointed with his team’s sloppy performance in the second half. His hopes were high because of the explosive performance in the first half. 

The Manchester City manager explained that the game was full of suspense and thrill. He praised his team saying that no amount of tactics can work out without quality players. 

Leicester City’s loss did not come as a surprise. Their top players were out due to injuries and illnesses. Even with the handicap, they put up a brilliant defense against the defending champions. Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City is on 47 points with Liverpool, whose match against Leeds United was called off due to COVID-19 cases in the Yorkshire team, on 41 points. Third-placed Chelsea is also on 41 points, while Arsenal moves up to fourth place on 35 points.