Pam Grier’s Dating Advice

pam grier

Pam Grier is currently in her early 70s but her dating game is going strong, like many other young people. She uses her humor when she talked about dating men in her early 70s. And like the rest of the women, she is also tired of men cheating on her. She strongly believes men are incapable of not cheating.

Does Being Independent Look Like Pam Grier?

Pam Grier talks about her personal life and dating life in general in her podcast “The Plot Thickens: Here Comes Pam”.She described herself as an independent woman who is ready for an emergency. She is keeping herself on guard, she has a 20-inch chainsaw in case of an emergency. Not only that she cut trees when they blocked her road in the middle of her journey somewhere. Many asking is she even normal.

All of the activities she has inherited are from her grandfather who taught her so well, and everything. According to Pam Grier’s grandfather, a woman should be self-sufficient. And must take care of themselves. Is Pam Grier being an extreme feminist?

She picks up her dates at Home Depots and Lowes. She could name 10 tractor companies and has the practice of driving forklifts. Pam Grier is confident about men cheating on women, she strongly believes that men are capable of tackling two women at the same time. Strongly shows she is tired of men and their behavior.

Some men have taken her advice or suggestion as a threat. She clearly ordered men to take care of themselves cause she is not the type who would take care of them, they better watch out for themselves. And she warned about her chainsaw precisely. And all she does is give men 90 days a year and then she prefers ‘me’ time.