David Beckham Under Fire From Rebecca Loos For Allegedly Portraying Himself As The Victim

Rebecca Loos

David Beckham’s former personal assistant Rebecca Loos has said that the former football star fabricated stories while speaking about their affair in Beckham,  his Netflix documentary. The 48-year-old David Beckham and Victoria Beckham, his 49-year-old fashion designer and former singer wife, have spoken out about the scandal in 2004 involving Rebecca Loos. It was out on Netflix and has been on the OTT platform’s most-watched TV shows list for 2 weeks on the trot.

Rebecca Loos, 47, replied on Sunday through The Mail saying that Beckham was entitled to have his say. However, he was trying to play the victim card and make it seem that she had been lying all along, she said. Rebecca Loos alleged that Beckham was trying to portray that it was she who had made Victoria Beckham suffer instead of the other way around.

The former model was then the footballer’s personal assistant. She became well-known after she revealed their affair in an interview with News Of The World, a now-defunct tabloid in 2004. The affair allegedly took place after he moved from Manchester United to Spain in 2003 to join Real Madrid.

Rebecca Loos Has Alleged That Beckham Was Trying To Clear His Name At Her Expense

Rebecca Loos is married with 2 children and lives in Norway working as a medical assistant. She alleged that though the stories seemed awful, they were all true. She said that it was Beckham who was responsible for the alleged suffering that Victoria went through. Rebecca Loos said that it was his decision to hide all from his wife. She stressed that it was his decision all along.

Rebecca Loos said that if Beckham had kept his personal issues private, she would not be speaking up today. But she has been forced to speak out to reveal the truth. She said that she too had a family to defend, while Beckham and Victoria had Google. Loos said that her children too should know the truth and had bravely stood against David Beckham. She said that she had learned from her mistakes and moved on. She said that she has been leading a wonderful life with her children.