David Ortiz Is Now A Hall Of Famer

David Ortiz
David Ortiz

David Ortiz is one of the biggest names in the baseball circuit. He was very keen on the sport from his childhood. As a result, Ortiz started playing baseball at a very young age. His impeccable talent immediately caught the eye of the experts.

Before anyone could imagine, David was playing in Major League Baseball. He played for a number of teams during his career in MLB. However, his stint with the Boston Red Sox is the most memorable one. Ortiz spent the best days of his life at the Red Sox.

He was one of the most important players for Boston. His baseball prowess earned him the beloved nickname of “Big Papi” from the fans. Ortiz was a great clutch hitter and never failed to deliver on important games.

Ortiz spent fourteen years with the Red Sox and took the team to new heights. It was because of his brilliant performance, Ortiz is elected for the honor of Hall Of Fame. The news was confirmed on Tuesday by the authorities.

David Ortiz was elected in his very first year of Hall Of Fame eligibility. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

David Ortiz Aptly Rewarded

David Ortiz is a happy person at the moment. He stated that he did enjoy his entire career playing for different teams. However, he could not forget his time in Boston. Ortiz termed his stay with the Red Sox as the golden days of his life. Ortiz won the World Series MVP in the year 2013. 

David Ortiz scored an unbelievable  .688 with a couple of home runs and 16 at-bats. Ortiz also guided the Red Sox to victory in 2007. This was Boston’s first championship victory in eighty-six years. The induction of such a legend into the Hall of Fame seems to be a fitting tribute. 

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