The Official Star Trek: Picard Season II Trailer Release Date Unveiled

star trek
star trek

Paramount+ today unveiled the official trailer of Season 2 of the original hit, Star Trek: Picard. This Season II from the streaming service from Viacom CBS will have its premiere on March 3. The new season is exclusively for the subscribers of Paramount+ in the US.

After the premiere of Star Trek: Picard, fresh episodes will be released every week of this season, which is slated to be 10 episodes long.

In addition, the new trailer of Star Trek: Picard will also give a glimpse of Whoopi Goldberg as she reprised her loving role of Guinan from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The new episodes should finally give us a foretaste of the kind of pranks that the hero of Stewart’s Starfleet is up to. He has now finally found favor with the Federation after Season 1.

There is also Q, who thrusts Picard and the crew of La Sirena into an alternative reality as the Federation retains its meanness, though not on the repressive level of the interstellar Terran Empire.

The Borg Collective leader, Borg Queen, is reprised by Annie Wersching. She is back and is just as aimless and silly about time for motives that remain unclear.

2024 Is A Vital Year In Star Trek Calendar

The year 2024 remains important in the franchise’s calendar. It was first explored properly in the episodes of Deep Space 9.

There is also social and political unrest in several Earth countries, including the US. It concluded with the notorious Bell Riots. It was so violent and threatening that it served to push the Americans of Star Trek into a road towards political and social reform.

Picard has much to contend with it. We get our first look at Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan, the mysterious former bartender at Enterprise. Picard turns to her for assistance in weird matters.

Star Trek will also air internationally on Prime starting March 4.