Stimulus Checks To Go To Families Earning Less Than $200,000; Democrats Reject GOP Proposal

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According to the latest news, House Democrats have proposed that new stimulus checks will be distributed to individuals earning less than $100,000 and families earning less than $200,000. This goes against the earlier plan proposed by fellow Republicans to cut down on the eligibility criterion.

New stimulus checks that are to be issued under Biden’s presidency are likely to be $1,400 payment aids per individual. However, the phase of payment will be shorter than previous stimulus checks received by the people. Democrats further mention that their plan excludes all those people from receiving government aid who earn more than $200,000, according to the text of the bill. Congress is scheduled to debate on this topic this Wednesday, February 10.

Biden Calls For Bipartisan Support To Pass Stimulus Check Bill To Help Americans In Need

On Monday, Democrat Richard Neal, Chairman (D-MA) suggested that the stimulus check payments would go to couples who earn $150,000 or less and individuals earning $75,000 or less that is similar to the previous payments. However, he added that they would not narrow the eligibility as suggested by the Republicans.

A recent survey shows that the GOP proposal excludes approximately 29 million families that have earlier received stimulus checks. The GOP proposal includes payments made to individuals earning $40,000 or less and families earning $80,000 or less.

After a meeting with the Republicans, President Joe Biden suggested that he is open to making alterations that will suit the need. He said that he is willing to cut down the eligibility. He further added that he will work with the Democrats to “find a good structure for these payments”.

According to Biden, his first goal is to achieve bipartisan support as soon as possible so that he can put money into the pockets of those struggling for a long time under the pandemic crisis.