Denver Nuggets Stage Comeback Against The 76ers

denver nuggets
denver nuggets

The Philadelphia 76ers as well as the Denver Nuggets started off their match by consistently scoring baskets over each other. Midway into the first quarter, the team from Philadelphia started taking advantage of the turnovers made by the team from Denver- which led them constantly knocking down three-pointers as they stretched their lead over the Nuggets by 17 points. However, after a few players from the Denver team really got in the game, the team started making quick runs- which saw them getting within 9 points of the 76ers. Ultimately, they couldn’t maintain that distance, as Philadelphia finished the first half with a score of 37-22.

Denver Nuggets Managed A Win Against the 76ers

Regardless of the first-half defeat, the Denver Nuggets managed to start the final half strongly, as they scored the first four points. This saw them starting off a 14-0 point run. Although the 76ers did get some points on the board, the team from Denver managed to take their first lead for the game was at 6-5. The team from Philadelphia did battle back, and even took back the lead, but the Nuggets held strong for the final quarter of the game.

The second string of the Denver Nuggets did get into the thick of things, which had them tying the game at 89 with just nine minutes remaining. Both the teams then started shooting 3-point shots over the next couple of minutes, with the score coming to 97 apiece and 7 minutes remaining. Bones Hyland from the Nuggets managed to shoot another three-pointer which saw them getting a 3 point lead. 

After Philadelphia got hold of a time-out, they managed to tie the game again at 104 before Denver managed to bring out a last-ditch effort to see them get over the finish line. The end score read 114-110, with the Denver Nuggets finally securing a victory over Philadelphia.