Diane Sawyer Replies After Being Mentioned On Ted Lasso

Diane Sawyer
Diane Sawyer

Diane Sawyer seemed to be prompt with her response. Sawyer was mentioned in a recent episode of Ted Lasso. She was mentioned by the lead character. This character was played by Jason Sudeikis. Sawyer’s craze for the show was as much as all of the common masses it seemed. 

Diane Sawyer Answers Back Humorously To Lasso’s Second Season Reference

Sawyer is a renowned journalist. She was recently mentioned at an episode of Ted Lasso. The show was a coveted one. It boasted of many awards in its ranks. It acquired a nomination for the Emmy. This was the latest addition to the show’s long list of achievements. 

Sawyer was mentioned in a flirting tone in the episode. The journalist was very quick to react. She tweeted her consent for a date with Ted Lasso. Ted Lasso was the fictional character who was the Lead of the show. This funny flirting was further continued by the show’s official Twitter. It expressed astonishment and asked Diane whether she liked biscuits. The account also flattered the news worker a lot. It said that Sawyer was more dynamic than Lady Gaga at the Met Gala would be.

The star actor who played Ted in the series was Sudeikis. He was reported of being dating Keeley Hazel. She appeared in the show Bosses:2. The couple was seen going out together from February. Sudeikis recently decided to divorce his previous lady, Olivia Wilde. Both the actor dropped the news of their separation in the late 2020s. They share two children among them. Both of them decided to have a healthy ratio for the sake of their children.

Diane Sawyer’s comments were just as hilarious as the way she was being pointed out. The show has gathered a huge fan following is hopeful to win the Emmy.