Kelly Clarkson’s Daughter Facing Difficulties

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Dyslexia is a serious issue and common as well. However, children and even adults often forget the term bullying. They choose violence over kindness. This time Kelly Clarkson’s daughter is the victim of bullying.

She is facing difficulties at school. 8 years old River is being bullied at school for her dyslexia. Bullying has been taken seriously all over the world in academics. Although it seems to have evolved its nature. It didn’t actually leave at all. There is also workspace bullying as well. But an eight-year-old getting bullied will scar her life. She won’t be confident while facing challenges in the future.

Kelly Clarkson Was Brought To Tears By Her Guest 

Who could have thought such a small message would be this much power? Henry Winkler was a guest at Kelly Clarkson’s show this Tuesday. While they were talking Kelly brought up the topic of how her 8years old being bullied at school for dyslexia.

Kelly Clarkson split from her husband in 2020. This was hard on the children. She previously shared how heartbroken they were. They wished nothing more but for their parents at the same house. After going through such a hard time River definitely doesn’t deserve this.

River’s school does show slides about how many celebrities faced difficulties in their lives because of dyslexia. Kelly Clarkson often tells her daughter it doesn’t matter if she can’t read properly. She often gives her the prominent example of Henry Winkler who has written 40 books in his life, but he is also dyslexic. He is doing amazing in his life. His dyslexia didn’t stop him from achieving anything in life.

Henry Winkler gave a strong message to Kelly Clarkson’s Eight years old. He said River, mentioning her name. Rather than quote this message only for her, it doesn’t matter how you learn. It will never be compared to how brilliant you are.

It was short and powerful which definitely brought the eighth years old mother Kelly Clarkson to tears.

To lighten up the ambiance she joked about how her make-up artist is going to kill her for ruining the mascara.