Kelly Clarkson Having A Difficult Time With Kids

Kelly Clarkson

Separation among parents affects children in a massive way. The emotions stay the same for kids. They are never different from celeb kids or normal kids. Singer Kelly Clarkson went through a divorce recently. She divorced her husband Brandon Blackstock. The separation has affected the singer and her kids in a bad way. She opened up further about it at The Angie Martinez IRL podcast.

Kelly Clarkson Has Given Full Independence To Her Kids

Kelly Clarkson has two children with Brandon Blackstock. The divorce has affected her kids very much. She candidly talked about her divorce and the emotional roller coaster her kids are going through right now. Kelly Clarkson has given her kids complete independence emotionally. They are feeling and they will be out of that phase whenever they feel like it.

Kids are always honest. Kelly Clarkson’s kids told her they are happy with their mother’s decision. Sometimes they just wish their mom and together were in the same house. They have seen how the past two years went by. They are aware of all things.

Clarkson divorced her husband in 2020 after seven years of married life. She feels what her kids are feeling, and the kind of thoughts that are going through their head. She could comprehend their pain. She belonged to a divorced family too.

She further pressurizes on the fact of how children feel. They often feel ignored and their feelings get ignored. The adults don’t treat them well because they are kids. Kelly Clarkson follows an oxygen mask mentality. In order to heal your kids you need to heal yourself first.

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock didn’t talk about vividly the reason for their divorce. While filing it they mentioned differences. Her next record is on her divorce experience, she gave a hint.