‘Disenchanted’ Explores What Comes After ‘Happily Ever After’ 2022


The plot of Disenchanted directed by Adam Shankman takes place around ten years after the events of the previous movie Enchanted. Wide-eyed young Morgan (Gabriella Baldacchino, who replaces Rachel Covey in the part) has grown into a stereotypically moody adolescent. In Disenchanted Giselle and powerful Manhattan lawyer Robert (Patrick Dempsey) have wed and had a child named Sofia, whom we hardly see.

‘Disenchanted’ Tries Level Best To Live Up To Its Predecessor

Suburbia won’t necessarily be there “after happily ever after,” of course. The “fixer-upper” is derided by almost everyone, from Morgan to the PTA queen bee of Monroeville, Malvina Monroe (Maya Rudolph), and even the King and Queen of Andalasia, despite the fact that they recently moved into a stunning, pink, two-story home with a castle-like spire (James Marsden and Idina Menzel. The script doesn’t go into detail about their period of transition, but it does allow Giselle and Morgan plenty of opportunity to argue.

Teenage Morgan doesn’t have time for Giselle or the wonderful memories from her past. Giselle bemoans the fact that she “sings the correct music no longer.” Giselle makes a frantic wish for them to live a “fairytale existence” on a magic wishing wand.

Since stepmothers are typically evil in fairy tales, this request naturally turns into a curse that gradually transforms the town into Monrolasia and Giselle’s goodness into evil. Morgan learns that she has until the last second of midnight to reverse everything as she becomes aware of the fairytale’s crumbling facade.

 The script is packed with action, but there is hardly any genuine characterization. Malvina is your typical suburban diva, and Rudolph responds by portraying her more as Evil Maya Rudolph than as a fully developed character. Giselle’s decline is amused by Adams, who transforms her beautiful lilt into a deep toxic tongue

Disenchanted fails to supersede its predecessor.

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