Stimulus Check: Can Americans Still Expect A Direct Federal Stimulus Check In 2022?

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

There is a possibility that a widely held program could be resurrected, paving the way towards an extra direct payment as 2022 rolls on. It is close to a year from the time when the concluding round of the stimulus check was issued by the federal government. But for the pandemic-weary and cash-strapped millions across the US, the payment seems ages away.

The past year has seen plenty of Americans sending letters, making online petitions, and giving interviews telling of the need for another stimulus check, especially during the latter part of 2021, where newer variants of the coronavirus struck the world.

The Build Back Better  Legislation Will Release Funds For The Balance Of The Child Tax Credit Stimulus Check

There also remains the unfinished task of the enhanced CTC, the child tax credit stimulus check which was dispatched between July and December in a monthly stimulus check of an equal amount. That accounts for 50% of the payment, the second part is to be adjusted against the 2021 income tax or mailed as a refund stimulus check.

The CTC provides $3,600 towards each child below 6 and $3,000 for those between 6 and 17. Eligible families will get their second 50% after they file their returns.

The major stumbling block has been surprising, a Democratic legislator. Senator Joe Manchin has for long maintained that extending credits could dissuade citizens from working, even as every additional spending by the federal or state authorities would serve to aggravated the high rate of inflation that has crippled the US.

Utah Senator Mitt Romney has proposed a regular cash support program each month that is seen as an attempt to bring in additional bipartisan support. He says that the monthly benefits program in cash would have work requirements linked to it.

Eligible families will get up to $350 for children below 5 years and families having children aged between 5 and 17 will get $250 for each child.

This Family Security Act has not been clear whether the money is intended for children or their parents.