Donald Trump Calls Up Unnamed Witness At January 6 Hearings: Liz Cheney

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

GOP Rep. Liz Cheney, part of the Select Committee looking into the January 6 riots in the Capitol, said that the Committee received information that Trump tried to contact an investigation process witnessed in the past two weeks. The committee has contacted the Department of Justice on this issue, she added.

Cheney gave few details of the purported contract between Donald Trump and the January 6 witness. But she linked Donald Trump’s outreach to past concerns that the January 6 committee had earlier raised about tampering with witnesses.

Cheney said that following the last meeting, Donald Trump attempted to reach out to a witness who was part of the investigation process. She added that the witness has not yet come forward in the hearings.

Cheney revealed that the witness did not speak to Donald Trump and alerted his lawyer instead, who in turn contacted the Committee. She said that the January 6 Committee took very seriously any attempts made to influence or even contact any witness to the investigation.

Donald Trump’s Spokesman Has Said Cheney Was Lying

The Justice Dept. has refused to give details of their investigation process. Donald Trump’s spokesperson said Cheney was trading in lies and innuendo. But he did not straightaway address the issue of whether Trump tried to speak to the witness, or if he succeeded in contacting them.

Ms. Cheney was speaking at the very end of Tuesday’s hearing and a couple of weeks following the previous one. A former aide at the White House had testified before the Committee then that Trump was aware that several members present at the Capitol on January 6 were armed, but had continued to support the Capitol attack. This despite officials at the White House expressing concern that it was an unlawful assembly nonetheless.

Ms. Cassidy Hutchinson had then been told by a supporter of Donald Trump that her statements and conduct were being watched.