State Stimulus Checks Coming Soon In Several States

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Even as the federal administration put further stimulus checks on pause, states have moved into top gear to help out residents facing a high inflation rate, the worst in the past 4 decades. Gasoline prices are at an all-time high while people are being forced to forego essential items while defaulting on payment of rent and utilities.

Most states are flush with funds from the aid given by the federal administration under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, the same act that gave the Economic Impact Payment to individuals and families, also known as the third stimulus check.

Fresh Stimulus Checks Announced By More States

New states have considered additional stimulus checks for their residents and include California, Hawaii, New Mexico, Maine, and others. California has already given two rounds of stimulus payments to its residents under the Golden State Stimulus. It is considering giving $400 for each car owned by residents of the state subject to a maximum of two cars per family.

Delaware is giving the resident a single tax rebate of $300 to individual filers with married couples filing jointly getting $600.

Georiga is giving a stimulus check of $250 to individual filers, $375 to head of household, and $600 to married couples jointly.

Residents of Hawaii with AGI below $100,000 may get a $300 stimulus check. All dependents will get the same amount per head.

Maine has been the more generous of the states with a stimulus check of $850 to individual taxpayers earning below $100,000. The same amount will go out to the head of household who earn $150,000 or for couples filing jointly and earning below $200,000.

New Mexico will offer $500  to single filers and double that to couples.

New York is giving around $425 as a benefit to its residents, while Illinois could suspend any increase in gas tax linked to the inflation for 6 months.