Donald Trump Threatens Lawsuit Against CNN Over What He Terms Defamatory Reporting

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump has threatened to drag CNN to court, alleging that the news network has defamed him during his 2016 presidential campaign. In a statement, the disgraced former president said that he has notified the agency of his intention to file lawsuits over what he has alleged were attempts to defraud and defame him.

He said that he will also commence legal action against what he said was an overwhelming indication of fraud during the 2020 presidential elections. He said that he would continue fighting for the nation’s future and expose the truth.

The 22-page letter from the attorneys representing Trump has been sent to executives at CNN. Dated 21 July, the letter urges the network to immediately retract numerous statements on-air or correct them. The lawyers have alleged that the statements mentioned are defamatory and false.

The lawsuit claims that the descriptions are deemed false because the former president continues to believe that the recent presidential elections were won by him but were stolen.

Letter From Donald Trump Claims The Former President Continues To Believe He Won In 2020

The letter to CNN alleges that because Trump honestly believes that Trump has won the elections, CNN claimed that the former president lied and misled the public.

But the lawsuit filed by Donald Trump appears destined to end up in the wastepaper basket of some courts. The previous allegation by him of widespread fraud in counting the results of the 2020 election was summarily dismissed by courts, sometimes by judges appointed by Trump himself.

Donald Trump has spent the past 18 months after he was booted out claiming that the election results were stolen from him in 2020. He made the absurd claim recently on Tuesday at a Washington speech. Multiple audits have validated that president Biden won the elections and this was confirmed by many officials under Trump.