Tropical Storm Nicholas Is Here With Heavy Rainfall

Tropical Storm Nicholas
Tropical Storm Nicholas

It has been reported on the night of Sunday that Tropical Storm Nicholas has headed towards Texas, coupled with heavy rain. The residents of  Texas, Louisiana, and parts of Mexico have been warned that there could be floods in the coastal areas of these places.

The forecasters working overtime at the National Hurricane Center in Miami have clarified that a hurricane watch has been set in place for the central part of the coast of Texas, with much of the coastline for the Lone Star state under a warning for a tropical storm. The storm has been predicted to approach the coast of Texas within a few hours and bring with it heavy rain that would cause urban flooding as well as flash floods. 

Tropical Storm Nicholas To Create Trouble For Texas

Tropical Storm Nicholas will then be expected to produce rainfall of around 10 inches in southwest Louisiana and Texas, with isolated amounts of 20 inches in certain places- especially across portions of coastal Texas that have already begun. Governor Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas, has stated that the state has initiated rescue teams and exhausted resources in the area around Houston and along the Gulf Coast of Texas. 

In a video message, Greg Abbott mentioned that Tropical Storm Nicholas would be bringing in heavy rain, along with wind and severe flooding in various regions along the Gulf Coast. It is of utmost importance that people listen to local alerts about the weather along with heeding to local warnings. The Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, also came forward with a declaration of emergency in the state ahead of the arrival of the storm since the state is still recovering from Hurricane Ida. 

Tropical Storm Nicholas is expected to bring in its heaviest rainfall to the place west of where Hurricane Ida ravaged Louisiana just a couple of weeks back.