Dr. Oz And His Spouse Slammed A Journalist For Unintentional Eavesdropping

Dr. oz
Dr. Oz

A political journalist working for the New York magazine struck gold after they overheard a phone encounter between Dr. Oz and his wife. While reporting on the campaign of the US Senate Candidate in Pennsylvania, Olivia Nuzzi had major troubles getting hold of the candidate. She stated that she had been trying to get information from relatively anyone who had been a part of the campaign, but till now- all her efforts had been futile. This is how she began her story which was headlined- The Political Life of Dr. Oz. 

Dr. Oz And His Wife: New Drama In The Republican Party?

Olivia Nuzzi was in Montgomery County where the campaign headquarters for Dr. Oz was based- seemingly beside a patch of a strip mall next to a Mexican restaurant. There, she had high hopes of locating the candidate from the Republican party who had announced his decision for running in November. While she apparently had no luck searching for him at the offices, and was not able to contact him through phone, she decided to call his wife. And that is when she hit upon a bounty. 

After Mrs. Oz had hung up once, she asked Nuzzi how she had the number in her possession, to which the journalist replied that it was publicly listed. Now, while Mrs. Oz thought that she had hung up a second time too, it wasn’t the case as Nuzzi could clearly hear her start talking to Dr. Oz. in the exchange that she heard, the Senate candidate had called Nuzzi a liar for claiming that she had an appointment with him- something Nuzzi never claimed. 

At the same time, Nuzzi also chanced upon Dr. Oz’s wife stated that she was a journalist for the New Yorker, which was also categorically false- as she wrote for the New York magazine. The couple then started gossiping about the journalist, claiming that she had vandalized a guy’s house and stolen his photo albums- which Nuzzi claims were a made-up charge against her.

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