NFL Week 17 Power Rankings 2022: One To Thirty-Two Poll, Defining Moments

Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles

We welcome all the NFL fans in the NFL Week 17 as we have a lot of things to share with all of you. The ESPN power panel has evaluated the last sixteen weeks of the national football league and here is everything you need to know about NFL Week 17.

The top three favorites have changed yet again as now the list watching the Packers, the Jaguars climbing up the tree along with some races among the different divisions are still there. You can check picture of the playoffs by the ESPN website for a better understanding of standings and which teams can grab the final postseason places in the dying fixtures of the season.

NFL Week 17 Power Rankings, Things To Check Out For:

Kansas CityChiefs:

The City Chiefs has seen a great season so far. Their defining moment has been bringing Tyreek Hill into business. They freed-up some space in their salary-cap and draft pick as they sold their star WR to the Miami team back in March. Not only the team have prolonged their super bowl competition window with the picks they got after that, the City Chiefs also kept their chances alive of winning it this season.

Philly Eagles:

The Philly Eagles destroyed the Tennesse Titans with a thirty-five to ten scoreline before NFL Week 17 and that completely turned their season around. It boasted a stream of confidence inside the players and they are displaying a strong run without zero problems.

Buffalo Bills:

The acquisition of Miller is a great contender among the Bills’ notable highlights of the season. but the defeat to Kansas influenced the team’s hopes for this season especially Super Bowl and contributed to the team’s ongoing competitiveness.