Drake Bell Claims Internet Trolls Will Be The End Of Him

Drake Bell

Following his public denunciation of internet bullies who are harming his mental health, Drake Bell is presently making headlines.

Drake Bell claimed that the online taunts, which refer to him as a pedophile, are pushing him to consider suicide. Speaking of why people are making fun of him, Drake was sentenced to two years in prison in 2021 after pleading guilty to one felony count of attempting to harm minors. When she was just 15, a lady accused him of sending her explicit text messages and images. They ultimately met at one of his concerts, when she claims she gave him oral sex.

Drake Bell Addresses The Online Trolls

After one Twitter user begged that people remember Drake is a “pedo,” Drake responded, “Do a second of research.” This is what I have to deal with on a daily basis. They’re literally going to murder me.’ When another poster referred to him as a sex offender, the former Nickelodeon actor said, ‘Nooooo I wasn’t!! ‘You folks are ruining my life.’ Drake said in another tweet that it “blew my mind” how “mean people on here are to people clearly suffering from mental health issues.” His tweets were sent just a day before he learned that his wife, Janet Von Schmeling, had filed for divorce.

Drake Bell tweeted earlier on Friday, saying, “I found out my wife filed for divorce from TMZ.” The song’s lyrics are: “I know exactly what you’ll do, with every bit of s**t you said that was not true, When is everyone going to get a clue, we’re not the same.” He then released the link to his new song. The song’s background is still a mystery, though. The news of their breakup was announced a week after Bell vanished in South Florida, where there were rumors that he had killed himself. He was subsequently discovered uninjured, though.