Drake Spotted At A Private Date


Drake, the popular Canadian rapper, was spotted by one of the sources and it’s reported to be at an extraordinary dinner called Chris Cristi. The pop star is well known to be one of the penchants for extravagant events. To further prove this fact the “Hotline Bling” hitmaker went to arrange a dinner date at the Dodger Stadium that is situated in Los Angeles in the state of California. It looked like his evening was a wonderful one as he dined with his date in the empty stadium.

Drake And Johanna

According to sources, the lucky woman he dined with is reported to be Johanna Leia, the American model. Another interesting fact about the date of Drake is that she is the mother of Amari Bailey, the standout of high school basketball. In addition to that, she is also one of the mothers of the UCLA commit. Amari Bailey plays with the popular American basketball sensation, Bronny James. The father of Bronny James, LeBron James, the well-known basketball player of the country, is a very close friend of Drake. 

Sources have confirmed every minute detail of the dinner date. There were so many different dishes laid on the table. These extravagant dishes were all adorned with beautiful decor. And in addition to everything, there is a bartender to attend to just the two of them. The outfit that Johanna chose to wear, complemented the setting of her date with the 34-year-old date. She was spotted wearing the jersey of the Dodgers team. The revealed date of Drake is the first such incident involving his love life after a very long time. There had been rumors about him last October following the release of his single. The name of the project was “Mr. Right Now.”