Pose: Details Into The House Of Khan


Pose, the American tv series that airs on the streaming platform, Disney-ABC Domestic Television, has proved to be a tough competition for the House of Evangelistas. And now there are just two episodes left for the final season. The genre of the series is drama and its creators are Brad Falchuk, Ryan Murphy, and Steven Canals. 

Pose Gets Closer To The Final Episode

The story includes the House of Khan which is a fresh addition. They are people with outfits that are very well-coordinated, well-equipped technically, and have a striking ruthless attitude. The name of the father of the House of Khan in Pose is Lamar. He is somebody who has made it on his own. Lamar has also ignored his friends along the way until the comeback of the Evangelistas at the ball. 

Like all the other families from Pose, the Khans have derived the name from one of the icons of ballroom history. It is that of the father of the House of Khans, Lowell Adonis-Khanh. The father is one of the major players from the ballroom culture of the 80s. He is somebody who holds the credit of being the co-founder of the ballroom scene of Washington D.C. The other founder in the Pose is another icon, Eric Christian-Bazaar.

The Khans are considered to be the legends as they have been in the game for 20 years and more. Some of the popular members of the House include Luna Khan, Charles Christian, and Ayana Christian. This inclusion in the series has brought a sense of a personal connection for a number of the members of both the cast and the crew. 

Jason Rodriguez who plays the character of Lamar in Pose gave a statement to the press. He said that he had been told about Khan as an extremely powerful character and that is what he tried to portray in the series.