Dylan Moses And Miller Forristall Finally Sign As Free Agents

dylan moses

Both Dylan Moses and Miller Forristall signed as free agents because they both went undrafted. However, they have managed to find new homes for themselves inside the NFL. Dylan Moses who used to play as a linebacker for Alabama and Miller Forristall, tight end have managed to find new homes for themselves inside the NFL. 

Both of these players were not picked in all the 7 rounds that took place in the NFL draft of 2021. They have finally decided that they are going to sign as free agents who went undrafted. According to NFL network’s Tom Pelissero, Jacksonville Jaguars managed to sign Dylan Moses. Adam Schefter of ESPN confirmed the news later. According to Tom Pelissero, Dylan will probably start his Jaguars career on the team’s non-football list of injuries. He is still rehabilitating his knee injury. 

Dylan Moses Thought Of Quitting Football Entirely

Moses has revealed his struggles with his knee injury and how he once considered quitting football totally because of the pain. His family was the main influencer in his decision of returning to the league for playing another season. His family wishes to see Dylan Moses playing with the Tide for another year. 

Following the announcement of Dylan to be a part of Alabama last year, Nick Saban, the head coach expressed his beliefs that the best interest of Moses was to return to the league for creating a little more value and fame for himself. Last year, Saban said that the club is always trying to give the reality and facts regarding the situation of their players for pushing the players to make the right decision for themselves and their loved ones.