eLearning In India: Embracing The Digital Age

eLearning In India: Embracing The Digital Age

Businesses have taken a hit during the pandemic and only those who evolved have been able to keep their revenues going. The forced digital revolution due to lockdown and social distancing has pushed businesses to convert to digital mode and streamline their operations to suit the needs of clients surfing their apps or websites over the internet. Indian education has also careened toward online streaming classes and pre-recorded sessions. This vast change has created some challenges and trials that the Indian education systems are currently navigating.

In this article, we are going to explore the current scenario of Indian education with respect to the global eLearning spectrum. What hurdles are present in the industry currently? What are the general preferences and roles of different local parties in growing the eLearning businesses of India? The following sections discuss these topics in detail.

How Higher Education Helps Via Online Education

eLearning offers a number of options for working professionals as well as other learners who cannot commit to physically reporting to certain locations for long periods of time. These opportunities combined with the large number of Indian students…

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