Elissa Slotkin Wants New Blood In The Democratic Party

Elissa Slotkin

Elissa Slotkin, the Democratic Representative from Michigan, did state on Sunday that the Democratic Party would be needing new blood in Washington.

Nevertheless, she also went on to emphasize her support for President Biden if he ever decided to run for reelection in 2024. Slotkin, who is currently about to have a rout for her seat with competitive reelection in November, did state that Biden was the current President, and if he ever decided to run for POTUS again, she would be supporting him- just like the rest of the party. But, she didn’t fail to mention that she has been quite vocal over the last few years that they needed new blood, and a new generation across the Democratic Party, in the Senate, the House, as well as the White House. 

Elissa Slotkin Wants New Blood In the Party But Would Support The POTUS

The comments by Elissa Slotkin come in at the same time that most of the members of the Democratic Party are quite dubious of the idea of President Joe Biden running for President yet again. Biden is already the oldest President to be in office and has always kept a lighter public schedule than all of his predecessors, which has also brought up questions about how they would be campaigning for him extensively. His approval rating currently stands at 39% in the latest CNN Poll of Polls, with around 52% disapproving of him being in power again. 

Along with Elissa Slotkin, there are others as well who want President Joe Biden to take a firm decision by early 2023- which would bring into light his opinion regarding running for President again. In his latest interview with CBS’ Scott Pelley, Biden stated that his intention was to run for President again. But it was just an intention- and not a firm decision yet.