Eminem Spring A Surprise: Serves At Opening Of Mom’s Spaghetti In Detroit


Rapper Eminem breathed life into art as he turned up to open a new Detroit restaurant called Mom’s Spaghetti. He has brought to life one of his most famous lyrics as he served close to a dozen people this week at the striking inaugural of the Detroit takeout.

His famous song, ‘Lose Yourself’ contains the words ‘Mom’s Spaghetti.’ The song was part of the 2002 ‘8 Mile’ soundtrack. It became instantly famous for its vivid lyrics, catchy beats, and a side dish of nostalgia.

The walk-up restaurant opened this Wednesday inside the Union Assembly restaurant on 2131 Woodward Avenue, which also opened newly. It is between The Fillmore and The Fox Theatre.

Eminem Serves Awestuck Fans And Speaks With Them

Eminem fans who were lucky to be served by the legend were overawed. Eminem spoke with his fans and signed their spaghetti containers. Eminem even posted about the event on his Instagram account inviting fans for the pasta debut. Mom’s Spaghetti is on the ground floor of Little Caesars; a partnership with Union Joints Restaurant Group.  

Mom’s Restaurant has three things on its menu: Mom’s spaghetti at $9, with meatballs at $3 extra, and Spaghetti Sandwich at $11. There is pop and water too. There is also the vegan variety of meatballs for a little extra. There is a merchandise store upstairs. The Trailer retails stuff from the popular Eminem collection that includes dead stock and limited editions, both coveted by dedicated fans.

Entry is limited to 8 ‘Stans’ at any one time. They can even expect rotating stock and drops. The Union Assembly restaurant is open on Wednesday-Thursday between 4 p.m. and 12 a.m., on Fridays-Saturdays between 4 p.m. and 2 a.m., Sundays between 3 p.m. and midnight. It stays closed on the first two weekdays. The kitchen closes around a couple of hours early.