Ronny Jackson Believes Democrats Should Test Biden

Ronny Jackson
Ronny Jackson

Unsurprisingly, the erstwhile physician of the White House, Rep. Ronny Jackson has called for cognitive tests on Joe Biden. The reasoning he provided was that since the previous President had to sit for the test, the current President ought to do that too. The current Republican from Texas- who was incidentally the physician for Donald Trump- has expressed his reasoning that any new leader for the country should sit for the test. 

Ronny Jackson Has Called For Joe Biden’s Cognitive Test

This comes in accordance with the mental aptitude test that Trump had to take- one year into his Presidency- which was also the Montreal Cognitive Assessment. This is an exam of 30 points that usually test one’s memory impairment.

At that point, Ronny Jackson claims, the far left along with the mainstream media had been demanding that this be the optimal standard for anyone who would be leading the USA as well as be the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed forces. In his interview with Fox News, Jackson stated that he wholeheartedly agreed to this. 

Incidentally, Ronny Jackson had himself administered the test to the former President- which implied that he had more knowledge about this seemingly obscure test. In his interview, the physician stated that this exam was in no shape or form an IQ test. Rather, this was a standard method of testing for age-related issues- which could go from cognitive decline to Alzheimer’s.

The White House, on its part, has already stated that the current President has been scheduled for his physical exam at the fag end of this year. This implies that if the test is done before next year, it will still be much sooner than Trump’s. 

It needs to be mentioned that both Barack Obama and Donald Trump took their exams before the second year as the President of the United States. Yet, Ronny Jackson has pointed out that the White House hasn’t clarified if the test would be used as a health screener.