Discussing Emma Stone And Her Versatility In Films She Has Been A Part Of

Emma Stone
Emma Stone

Emma Stone, one of the most beloved Hollywood actors, is absolutely talented and equally hilarious. She is somebody who can rock any hair color or style, be it red, brunette or blonde. The actor has been on the nomination lists of over five Golden Globe awards and three Oscar awards. It can be said that the 32-year-old actor is a modern-day icon who deserves all the love from her fans.

Emma Stone And Her Performances

Here’s a list of her movies and her performance in them-

  1. Irrational Man- given the reputation of the director and the story itself, nobody would have looked good in the movie. Despite her efforts, it’s a no from critics!
  2. The Rocker- this is the second film of Emma Stone where she proved that she is capable of great things.
  3. Crazy, Stupid, Love- there is no denying the electric chemistry between Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. However, the acting part is what was lacking behind. Unlike her normal performance, critics felt that she failed to act in a “natural” way.
  4. Marmaduke- the actress is not to be blamed here. The film carried the notion that the makers were unaware of how “COMIC GOLD” she is. 
  5. Movie 43- the actress proved her worth in the movie. Though a short role, she has done wonders within the brief 5 minutes stunning the viewers.
  6. Superbad- just another movie about teenagers losing virginity. Though there isn’t much attention drawn to her character, Emma Stone has given her best and that is quite visible. 
  7. Zombieland- the actress gave life to her sarcastic character as Wichita.
  8.  Aloha- Emma Stone is the only breath of fresh air in the movie, everything else is problematic. 
  9. Paper Man- the actress left no space for corrections in her role as a depressed teenager in the movie.
  10. The Help- wonderful performance irrespective of many strong characters overshadowing her. 
  11. Cruella– this the film that has given her a new opportunity to prove that she can play any role that is thrown at her.