Michael Douglas Gets Candid On His Experiences 

Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas

The American Oscar-winning actor, Michael Douglas, talked about the experiences he had on his journey in the series, The Kominsky Method. It revolves around the life of Sandy Kaminsky, the acting coach. The series has proved to be a hit. The creator of the series is Chuck Lorre. It airs over the streaming platform, Netflix. The actor stated that he really enjoyed working with the cast and the creator. He used the word “rewarding” to express his feelings.

Michael Douglas Is Not Over His Nervousness 

The 76-year-old producer and actor also went on to reveal the reason that led him to decide on working in the show. It was due to the intriguing nature of the script as well as the fact that he would be working with a galaxy of “talented” stars. Michael Douglas further talked about the opportunity provided by streaming platforms. He stated that they are responsible for providing a common platform to both movies and television. And that is what has provided massive opportunities for talented people to enter into both series and movies. The actor said this at an interview where he was promoting the final season of his series.  

Michael Douglas pointed out the fact that one of the specialties of his Netflix series was the deliverance of sad and serious topics without teaching the audience. He said that he loves how the actors can make a situation less serious by using humor and comedy which relaxes the viewers. It is these scenes that sail people through some heavy topics. Michael Douglas stated that this is what makes things a lot easier rather than having to go through them in a serious manner. The Golden Globe award winner also pointed out that he still gets butterflies in his stomach every time he embarks on a new project.

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