Ezra Miller Faces Felony Burglary Charges In Vermont For Stealing Alcohol Bottles

Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller faces felony charges after breaking into a Vermont home and making off with several alcohol bottles. Law enforcement officers were alerted about a possible break in Stamford, Bennington County, on May 1.

Surveillance videos revealed the involvement of the popular actor who starred in the Fantastic Beasts franchise. Ezra Miller is facing multiple other charges of abuse from women, including an assault charge on a woman in Hawaii.

Police in Vermont said that the home was unoccupied when the police broke open into the house. A spokesman for the police department said that investigation of statements and surveillance videos has led to charges of felony burglary of an unoccupied building against Ezra Miller.

Ezra Miller Involved In Multiple Assault And Abuse Cases

The Justice League star is under order to make a court appearance on September 26 to face charges. The latest incident is the most recent in a series of events involving the actor, aged 29.

Ezra Miller was earlier arrested in April for hurling a chair at a woman in Hawaii, hitting her in the head. The actor was also accused of grabbing a mike from a singer and lunging at a man. His behavior caused an emergency meeting of studio executives who were concerned about the future of the franchise.

Miller uses ‘them’ and ‘they’ as personal pronouns and is identified for roles in the hugely popular Fantastic Beasts franchise, Trainwreck, and Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Ezra Miller lives with a 25-year-old mother and her three children. The living arrangement has worried the father of the children who said that guns were lying around on the farm, and it was an unsafe environment for kids. He alleged that guns were lying around the 96-acre property. In an alarming instance, one of the children, aged one, put a loose bullet in her mouth. 

The woman has said that Ezra Miller has helped her escape from a violent and abusive relationship, and it was a safe environment for her three children. She termed it a ‘healing haven’ for the family.

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